As a customer or potential client of Paul's Moving Service, your personal information is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell or give out personal client information to marketers or anyone else, period. Your credit card and financial information is not stored on our web server so you'll never have to worry about identify theft or cyber scams. In a future upgrade to our website, you will be able to request periodic special offer notices directly from us. We stand by our customers in providing the highest level of service possible.

Special Handling

   We require advance notice for large items which require special handling, for example refrigerators, washers and driers, big screen televisions, etc.. Pianos and organs are always a special case and can sometimes be quoted as part of a larger move at our regular rates. Stand-alone flat rates for moving just a piano are also available.

   We handle disassembly and reassembly of standard furniture pieces on all regular hourly moves at no extra charge, including bed frames, futon frames, mounted mirrors, large tables, etc... We need advance notice of disassembly and reassembly requirements on flat rate moves only.

   We bring all our own equipment, including hand trucks, flat dollies, tiedowns, and a complete set of tools. We can do all your furniture wrapping and padding for you. We will provide as many furniture pads free of charge as you will need. If you are hiring us on a labor-only basis to help pack your truck for long distance transport, you'll need to provide your own blankets - ask us to estimate how many pads you�ll need.

   We can not move furniture that is already broken or falling apart, e.g. a desk with cam-lock construction that is damaged at the cam-lock joints. We can not be responsible for moving furniture which may fall apart through normal handling and transportation by our movers; our insurance and no-damage policies do not cover such cases. All furniture must be sturdy enough to withstand normal handling and transportation by our professional moving crews.

   We require all drawers in dressers, desks, cabinets, etc. be emptied before we move the piece. Note: We do allow certain exceptions to this rule, e.g. 2-drawer vertical file cabinets which contain paper files only and other locking cabinets not loaded with hardware or other heavy materials. Another example would be a trunk or chest loaded with bedding only. If you prefer, we can wrap your drawers along with their contents and pack them on the truck using pads, although this takes time, uses supplies and may require extra space on the truck.


   Our insurance always covers damage to valuable items relating to handling by our crews or shifting of items on trucks during transit. Since our insurance normally does not cover loss or theft of valuable items by outside individuals, such as laptop computers, important papers, original works of art, silverware, jewelry, etc., we strongly suggest you hand carry your highly valuable items whenever possible, keeping such items in your direct possession or locked up at all times. When you must have us load valuable items onto our truck, we ask that you pack these items into larger boxes or other containers. This is especially important when there will be a loading zone or building common area where items may be left unattended during the regular course of the move, even if only for brief periods of time.


   We will hoist items through windows or over balconies but we must know what is involved ahead of time. Hoisting jobs have to be considered on a case by case basis. When a job is not overly difficult, e.g. lowering a sofa from a balcony, we will handle the job at our regular hourly rates or at an agreed upon rate as part of a larger move. For more difficult hoisting jobs, e.g. hoisting a sofa or refrigerator through a window or up over a balcony more than two and one-half flights off the ground, we may have to handle the job on a flat rate basis or with a surcharge as part of a larger move. In any case, we will always let you know what the cost will be ahead of time.

   If you think a hoist might be necessary but aren't sure, e.g. if you are moving a sofa or queen box spring into an apartment with tight stairs, we ask that you have us come out to your location and look at the job in advance. We may charge a nominal fee of $20 for this service (this charge will be waived for moves estimated at $450 or more). However, it is better to have us evaluate the job in advance, because if a hoist becomes necessary during a larger move and we have not factored the time into our schedule, the additional time for the hoist might present a serious problem for us (our schedule may include other moves that same day). In situations like this, the cost to you could end up being more than $20, including a separate hoisting fee and/or additional transport and storage charges in situations where the hoist can not be carried out until a later date.


   We move small upright pianos and baby grand pianos on a regular basis. We sometimes move full grand pianos as well. Pricing for each piano move is quoted on a case-by-case basis so call us for details. Rates for piano moves are typically quoted as guaranteed all-inclusive flat rates. An in-home visit to determine what is required to move your piano may be necessary. We do not charge extra for in-home visits with our customers.

Hot Tubs

   We move all makes and models of hot tubs. We have the experience and equipment necessary to accomplish any hot tub move no matter what the circumstances. We typically do not charge extra for mileage on hot tub moves as we often cover considerable distances doing these moves for our customers.

In-Home Visits

When we make an in-home visit to your location to evaluate whether a hoist may or may not be necessary, we will determine how to schedule time and resources for your move to avoid problem situations. We can also suggest whether individual furniture pieces are likely to be moveable through stairways. However, we may not be able to guarantee an individual furniture piece will be moveable through a specific stairway since making this determination without the furniture piece available can only be done with a reasonable amount of certainty (calculations based on measurements are typically difficult or impossible to make).

No-Client Arrangements

We ask that customers always be physically present at all pickup and dropoff locations during their move. It is our policy that when a customer is not physically present for a pickup or dropoff and instead designates another individual to oversee a pickup or dropoff on their behalf, the (other) designated individual assumes all responsibility for the disposition of the items being moved. Whenever there is a conflict involving the instructions given to us in advance by the customer regarding the disposition of their items, any instructions given to us by the designated individual during the pickup or dropoff will be considered as final.

Disposal of Items

   Customers often ask us to handle disposal of items. In some cases we can haul away unwanted items at no charge. In many cases we may need to charge a fee for disposal of items which have no cash value; e.g. used furniture and mattresses, carpets, televisions and other electronic devices. We consider each request on a case by case basis so please call ahead for details.

Items We Can't Transport

   We are not licensed to transport firearms unless locked in a gun safe. Gun safes must be approved for transport by us in advance. We are not licensed to transport and will not put ammuntion on our trucks under any circumstances. Live potted plants are not something we normally transport on our regular enclosed trucks. If not approved for transport in advance our crews may not load live potted plants for transport. Under no circumstances will we transport live animals on our trucks. We normally do not transport fish tanks, reptile cages or the like unless completely clean and empty and only with approval in advance by us.

Restricted Materials

   It is illegal in most states, including Massachusetts, for a commercial business to transport flammable or hazardous materials in a shipping container or enclosed truck without special paperwork, including gasoline, propane and other flammable liquids. This restriction does not, in general, apply to non-commercial vehicles and/or private individuals. For this reason, we require you to notify us ahead of time if you will need to move such items, including propane tanks for gas grills, gasoline cans, etc.. We also ask that you move these items in your personal vehicle or make arrangements with us in advance to move these items for you in an appropriate vehicle. This restriction does not apply to fuels not stored in separate containers, e.g. gas lawn mowers or motorcycles with gas in the tank.


   Paul's Moving Service is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the transportation of all household goods throughout Massachusetts. License number DPU #31606. Paul's Moving Service is also licensed by the U.S. government as a common carrier of household goods for interstate transport in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. License numbers USDOT #2056830 and USFMCSA #729078.


   Paul's Moving Service is fully insured. We are also bonded and insured with the City of Boston. We also carry our own private insurance to cover damage and other losses in most situations. Additional optional insurance to cover high-value items, e.g. original artworks, antiques, musical instruments, etc., can be purchased separately through us - call for details. We are experienced professional movers and can handle just about any type of moving situation. Feel free to contact us regarding any special insurance concerns you may have.

   In addition to our cargo and other optional insurance coverage, you may be covered under our limited no-damage policy at no extra charge. Our main goal is to complete your move in a timely fashion without any breakage or damage. However, in the event that damage does occur, at our discretion, it is our policy to repair, replace or provide cash compensation (at our option) for any damage to your belongings resulting from our handling of your move. It is at our discretion whether or not to supplement the basic coverage that you purchase or accept, e.g. the released rate cargo insurance which carries a coverage rate of 60 cents per pound per item. Our insurance covers us and you. Damage claims can be handled directly through us and our insurance companies. Cosmetic damage is limited to $20 per occurrence. All claims of damage must be made directly through the supervisor on site for your move prior to final settlement of your bill.

   Our crews are trained in protecting furniture and breakables from damage and we will take every precaution to safeguard your belongings. Avoidable damage is always covered under our no-damage policy. Damage which can not be avoided is not covered under this policy, for example minor damage to walls and ceilings resulting from attempts by a crew to fit a furniture piece through a tight stairwell when we were not notified in advance that a hoist might be necessary.


   If you wish to cancel or reschedule your move, your down payment is fully refundable on cancellation within 24 hours of booking your move. Please Note: Our 24-hour no questions asked money back cancellation policy does not apply to bookings made less than 4 days in advance of a move. After the first 24 hours, cancellation fees apply as follows: $40 for Local Residential Hourly Rate moves, $50 for Long Distance and Flat Rate moves and $100 for Commercial Hourly Rate and Contract Rate Moves. Last minute cancellations, which typically result in lost revenues due to our inability to rebook the time slot that we reserved for you, present a real problem for us. For any move cancelled or rescheduled less than 72 hours prior to the original (or mutually agreed-upon revised) scheduled start time, an additional cancellation fee applies as follows: $40 for Local Residential Hourly Rate moves, $50 for Long Distance and Flat Rate moves and $60 for Commercial Hourly Rate and Contract Rate moves. These service charges also apply when a move can not be started because the customer or designated signer fails to show up at the pickup location within 1 hour of the scheduled start time (or fails to make telephone contact by the scheduled start time for no-client arrangements). Exceptions to these rules can be made in cases of emergency at our discretion.

   To cancel or reschedule a move, contact us by telephone only. If you call during our regular business hours, your cancellation will be effective as of the time you call or leave a message on our answering service. If you call after regular business hours and leave word of your cancellation on our answering service, your cancellation will be made effective as of the open of business the following day. Refunds will be processed on the effective date of your cancellation - please allow 3-4 business days for credit card refunds to post to your account and also for receipt of check, cash and PayPal refunds.

Late Payments

The balance of your charges are due immediately upon completion of your move. A $20 fee will be assessed for each returned check which can not be collected because of insufficient funds or for any other reason. Any account which has not been paid in full within 4 weeks of the date services are rendered will be assessed an additional $25 late payment fee and the account will be referred for collection by an authorized collection agency.


   It is common knowledge and widely published that while not required, a gratuity is customary for moving crews. Gratuities are gratefully accepted and truly appreciated by our crews, especially when there are large furniture pieces, a high level of difficulty relating to stairs or a long "carry" distance to and from the truck.

   Tipping the crew in cash is always preferable. If you wish to use a check to tip the crew, making a separate check out to "Cash" for the tip amount makes things a bit easier for us. You may use your credit card for the tip amount instead if this is more convenient for you.

   Each crew is made up of a supervisor and one or more crewmen, who work together as a team. Since every member of the crew (including the supervisor) is expected to do an equal amount of work, our tips are pooled and divided equally among all members of the crew. To avoid misunderstandings, we ask that you give all tips to the supervisor on duty, who will distribute it equally amongst the crew. Thank you.