Moving Supplies

Ordering your moving supplies through us couldn't be easier - and we offer free delivery on orders over $80.00. For orders under $80, there is a delivery charge equal to the standard origination charge for your location (e.g. Woburn is $8.00 and Boston is $15.00).

To Order Moving Supplies Through Us:

   To expedite your supplies order, you can download an official Paul's Moving SUPPLIES ORDER FORM in Microsoft Word format. Enable the document for editing when it comes up. Enter the number of supplies you want to order in the quantity fields. To save changes after you fill out the form, use Save As... from the MSWord File menu and save the document to a folder on your device's hard drive. If the system asks you for a network username and password during this process, just press Cancel. Return your order form to us by email at or by fax to (781)935-2890. We'll send you back an invoice to review. When you're ready to finalize your order just call us and we'll schedule the delivery for you. If you prefer, you can call us and place a supply order over the phone.

We stock a variety of moving supplies at competetive prices for immediate delivery:

Boxes Each
Cube Carton $1.65
File Folder Carton
With Lid
Small Carton $1.85
Medium Carton $3.25
Large Carton $4.50
Extra Large Carton $5.75
Dish Pack Carton $6.10
Short Wardrobe Carton
With Bar
Tall Wardrobe Carton
With Bar
Small Picture/Mirror Carton, Outer or Inner, Each Pc. $3.75
Large Picture/Mirror Carton, Outer or Inner, Each Pc. $4.25
4-Pc. 40" x 60" Extra-Lg. Picture/Mirror Carton Kit, Each Pc. $2.50
Lamp Carton $4.75
Full Mattress Carton $16.25
2-Pc. Queen/King Mattress
Carton, Each Pc.
3-Pc. 40"-49" Flat TV Packing Kit $21.50
3-Pc. 50"-60" Flat TV Packing Kit $24.50
Bags & Covers Each
Twin Mattress Bag $6.00
Full Mattress Bag $7.00
Queen Mattress Bag $8.00
King Mattress Bag $9.00
Sofa / Chair Cover $6.00
Tape & Tape Dispensers Each
55-yd. 2" Tan Movers Tape $3.00
55-yd. 2" Clear Packing Tape $3.00
175-yd. 2" Clear Packing Tape $4.50
175-yd. Paper Carton Sealing Tape $4.50
Scotch Heavy Duty
Tape Gun Dispenser
Other Supplies Each
100-ft. Twine $3.75
50-ft. Nylon Cord $3.75
100-ft. Nylon Cord $6.50
5-ft. x 6-ft. Cotton Warehouse Pad $10.00
12-ft. E-Clamp Strap $15.00
16ft. E-Clamp Strap $17.50
20-ft. E-Clamp Strap $20.00
Bubble Wrap Each
50-ft. x 12" (Large) Bubble Wrap $13.95
100-ft. x 12" (Large) Bubble Wrap $23.95
75-ft. x 12" (Medium) Bubble Wrap $14.95
150-ft. x 12" (Medium) Bubble Wrap $25.95
15-ft. x 16" (Small) Bubble Wrap $6.95
20-ct. 9"x6" (Small) Bubble Wrap Bags $9.95
40-ct. 9"x6" (Small) Bubble Wrap Bags $17.95
Paper, Foam & Plastic Each
40-sq.ft. Padded Wrapping Paper $4.75
75-sq.ft. Padded Wrapping Paper $8.50
5 lb. (70-ct.) 20"x27" Wrapping Paper $7.50
10 lb. (140-ct.) 20"x27" Wrapping Paper $13.75
20-ft. x 12-in. Foam Wrap $10.50
28-in. x 40-in. Cushion Foam $6.25
28-in. x 50-in. Cushion Foam $7.75
38-in. x 60-in. Cushion Foam $9.50
1000-ft. 5-in. Shrink Wrap $9.95
24-in. x 50-ft. Plastic Carpet Protector $19.95